From Within

by Inciter

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released October 2, 2013



all rights reserved



Geenger Records Zagreb, Croatia

Awesome new music from the Vukojebina!

Established in 2010.

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Track Name: From Within
With every note carved into my heart
You gave me strength and purpose in life
I sing to you, forever cherish you
Blessed with this harmony that's playing inside of me

My dearest friend in desperate times
When all was lost you helped me rise again
I live through you, never abandon you
Sweet melodies and chords bring out the best in me

It's everlasting
Pouring from within
Once again we meet my friend

This devotion
Keeps my thoughts awake
Only you can put my soul to rest
My friend
Track Name: The Waste Land
Is this the end of days
Are we the ones to blame
Under the blackened sky
We stare into our maker's eyes

This wind of plague that fills our lungs
Brought a curse upon humanity

Is this the end
Salvation's gone
We're memories that fade away
What we've become
Hating ourselves

The sight of our decay
Waste land of broken dreams
By now we've buried all
Our sons beneath the battlefields
Track Name: Break These Chains
Tied to a memory for far too long
What has remained just can't be recognized
Now who's to blame for all those wasted years
And will you ever let those scars heal

Is there a way to face this ugly truth
And overcome the pain caused by ourselves
Words are useless when our hearts are deaf
The time has come for us to say goodbye

Swallow your pride
Let us break these chains
Hollow inside
Just hope for changes
Track Name: Leading the Blind
Call for your savior
The time has come for your demise
No one to blame but yourself
You've been living a lie

A delusion for the mindless
That's reflecting false reality

Image of your kind is fading away
Leading the blind towards the end

So many have suffered
Opressed by wrong ideals
But now is the time to think for yourself
Only the strong will survive
Track Name: Reborn
A thousand miles away heading into the unknown
Destined for this endless road but it starts to feel like home
Vague memories fade with the stench of gasoline
Severed from the past just to cope with the unseen

Buried the past to find the way
Straight through the night into a new day
Follow the signs into the unknown
Left all behind to be reborn

Through the faded lines there's a story still untold
A man full of scars so beaten and alone
No end in sight as the quest consumes the mind
Seek deep within where there's nothing left but pride
Track Name: Crown of Thorns
As they pray to reach the light
Nobody knows what's wrong or right
To fill the void and emptiness
You need to pay their price

Far away from truth
Honoring their ignorance
But all we ever see is suffering

Like i don't have the right to choose
I will not take their mind abuse
Don't need their crown of thorns on me
Just to feel alive
Track Name: Who We Are
Let's turn up the volume
And let the sound ring through our ears
This holy noise defines who we are
Become united as one

When the drums are pounding
Headbang along to every beat
And feel the groove that's flowing through your spine
It brings your spirit to life

Live by this with no regrets
One life is all we have

Harder than concrete
The power riff hits your face
Soundwaves are rousing us even more
Until we're out of control

Gather you moshers
Get to the pit, release your rage
Let's blow off some steam on the floor
Become united as one